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"A spectacular day! The children and faculty enjoyed every moment of your presentation. I heard nothing but wonderful comments from the children and teachers. Everyone loved you - from the smallest tot to the oldest faculty member."
                                     -- St. Martin de Porres Catholic School, Uniondale, NY
Here I am, standing in front
of my high school, where
I set the novel, Scrawl.
I liked school, but I like
school visits a whole lot more. 
I'd love to come speak at your school. It's natural: I've been a tour guide, a camp counselor, and a radio announcer. Plus, my wife's a reading teacher, and my kids are still young. 
By the time I'm done, your students will not only laugh--
a lot--but they will also realize they're already writers.
"Scrawl was our choice for One School/One Book.  When Mark came to speak, he was fast, funny... he had 1,300 students eating out of his hand."
                                                          -- Kennett Middle School, Landenberg, PA
"Our entire middle school studied Scrawl and went nuts for it.
The presentation was incredible and was nothing they'll ever forget."
                                                          -- Pioneer Middle School, Plymouth, MI
"The presentations were wonderful.  I had teachers stopping by my office
to tell me how much they enjoyed your talk along with the all the great feedback from the kids."
                                                          -- Hudson Bend Middle School, Austin, TX
"The kids, families, teachers and administrators really enjoyed listening to you.  You inspired many over your four days here.  I believe that students went away less mystified by the whole writing process and now feel that they too can be an author!  Thank you for sharing your craft with us!!!


                                            -- Windermere & Smallwood Elementary Schools, Amherst, NY
"On the day of Mark’s arrival, our students were very excited. They had been reading his books in the library and already had their favorites. Mark’s presentations did not
disappoint. He did four presentations in one day, and kept the interest of all students for
the entire time. He differentiated the presentations based on the grade level. Teachers
were impressed with his vast collection of books in both fiction and non fiction.
I would not hesitate to invite Mark back in the future. Any school would be lucky to
schedule a day with Mark Shulman!"                                                  
--  Waterman Primary School, Skaneateles, NY    
"Mark tailored each presentation to the specific ages, and all the students seemed engaged and receptive. As an adult, I enjoyed the presentations too, as did the teachers. I felt that he actually taught the children important lessons about writing as well as getting them excited about it. I highly recommend this author!"                                                  
--  Jefferson Avenue School, Fairport, NY    
"Thank you again for a wonderful Author's Day! It was a pleasure working with you. You made quite an impression on our students. The week following your visit, I asked each class what they thought about you. Of course, the first response in every class was about how funny you were. But there were also many comments about what they had learned from you. Some students were quite amazed that you had managed to sneak quite a lot of learning into all of that humor. I could also sense that after your presentation, many of them felt empowered to be authors themselves. I appreciated the way you made each of the students attending the luncheon feel that their questions and comments were important. It was an experience they will never forget. I also very much appreciated the time you spent really looking at the projects the students had created in anticipation of your visit."                                                  
-- Riverside Elementary School, Denville, NJ    
"What a wonderful day you brought us. It's been so enjoyable to have the classes reading Scrawl. Then your delightful presentations made it unforgettable! I can't thank you enough for making our literature program such a success."                                                  
--  Gates-Chili Middle School, Gates-Chili NY    
"THANK YOU! Today was wonderful and everyone loved your presentations. My kids love the autographs in their books. Thanks again!                                                  
--  Split Rock Elementary School, Onondaga, NY    
"We are very pleased that you were able to spend the day with us. The kids were truly awestruck and really benefitted from your presentation. We would love to have you come out again in a few years. Thanks again for spending the day with us.                                                  
--  Netcong Elementary School, Netcong, NJ    
"Thank you for a great author visit. The kids truly love your books and loved your visit. I was so impressed with your energy, way with kids, and willingness to fill the day."                                                  
--  Paul Road Elementary School, Rochester, NY    
"Students continue to talk about his presentation and how entertaining he was. Mark was a pleasure to work with!"                                                  
--  Munn  Elementary School, Spencerport, NY    
If your school is interested in the contact information for these or other schools 
where Mark has visited, please get in touch by clicking here.                                     
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