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Thank you for coming to visit my web site. 
If you'd like to leave a comment or request a visit, here's the place.
I'll do my best to reply in a timely way. Please forgive me in advance if it takes me a while. Between reading, writing, picking up my kids at school, and talking to other people's kids at their schools, I don't always get to my email.
It's always a genuine pleasure to hear from my readers.
                                                                                                   -- Mark Shulman

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When I was your age,
I didn't write to the authors
I liked. For one thing, there wasn't any email. And a stamp cost five cents.
Do you know what you could buy with five cents back when I was your age? 
I could buy five hot balls or half a candy bar. If I didn't write to TWO authors,
then I could get the
whole candy bar.
Instead of writing to some writers, I wrecked my teeth.
For the benefit of your teeth, and your parents' dental bills, and my self-esteem, send me a note today!
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