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We got news.

It's Time to Study

Bio & History

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semi-biographical interview.

Here's the latest news.

Some of it is later than others.


NATIONAL RADIO TOUR for Show Me History:

43 Radio Stations and counting...

Click on this, and listen big!


I VOTED gets great reviews!

-The New York Times!

-The Wall Street Journal!

-All those publishing magazines!

-All those library magazines!

-Stars! Accolades! Interviews!

And most important...

I VOTED is inspiring people to VOTE!

amazing funny fast historically accurate

full-length, full-color, full-of-facts-n-fun
biographies on your grocer's shelf:

= Abraham Lincoln

= Alexander Hamilton

= Benjamin Franklin

= Susan B. Anthony

= Walt(er) Disney

= George Washington

= Anne Frank

= Albert Einstein

There's more at

EIGHT tremendous titles for Time for Kids

on store bookshelves. Including...

TFK Explores: Robots

covers the best tech next on deck.

TWO jumbo Encyclopediaeou: 

= The Big Book of Why 

= BBW2: Crazy, Cool, Outrageous! 

Check out both of these highly-popular nonfiction series. for ages 8-120.

(Time for Kids)

X-WHY-Z lays it out for younger readers:



=Your Body


Featuring text and topics geared especially for ages 4-8 . All titles are encyclopedic, photo-rich, and a pleasure to read.

(Time for Kids)


Ann and Nan are Anagrams 

is the long-awaited sequel to

Mom and Dad are Palindromes

and better yet, is now available.

We don't want to say too much,

but we can tell you that Bob,

our put-upon hero, 

has a whole new  pile of 

linguistic luggage to deal with.

(Chronicle Books)



Are You Normal 2, 

the  second, all-new, fun and

famous folio of fantastic facts,

is enjoying a wave of 

popularity that is causing its

author to defy shyness 

...go on many radio 

stations across the country

...and shamelessly plug

this fascinating book.

Hint:  no actors were used. 

(National Geographic)



Attack of the 

Killer Video Book  Take 2  

is now available at 

a bookseller near you. 

When the easy-to-follow

manual for making movies 

Attack of the Killer 

Video Book,

was first released in 2004,

there was no YouTube, 

no Facebook,

no ipod video,

people still used "tape,"

and digital still cameras

shot tiny, grainy videos.

This caused us to think

"Hey, if all that technology has to be

upgraded and bought again, why can't our book? 

(Annick Press)



Super Secret Hiding Places 

the handbook of privacy, 

note-passing and other secrets, 

has been reissued 

in a magnificent new format complete with lock and key.

(Scholastic Book Clubs)



If you are wondering 

about the follow-up novel to Scrawl, you will be

happy to know it is under wraps, but under way.

(Roaring Brook/Neal Porter)



Treasure Hunters, a humble middle-grade novel 

co-written with  the world's bestselling co-author, 

James Patterson. reached #2 on the New York Times list.

thans to our halo effect. 

(Little Brown)



Do you know a Cartoon Network character named Gumball? Well, his upcoming, witty, and wise 

manual for making mayhem 

is now in stores.

(Price Stern Sloan/Penguin)


My Odd Jobs (to date)


Counselor of campers.

Mower of lawns.

Messenger of messages.

Washer of cars.

Ringer of cash registers.

Maker of gross pizzas.

Deliverer of wood-pulp-based news media.

Petroleum Transfer Agent in the automotive industry, specifically at a Mobil station. 

Jockey of discs.

Newscaster of news.

Unpaid clerical assistant in my parents' insurance agency during high school while other kids hung out in the sweet, sweet, Spring sunshine.

(Not bitter about that, no.)

Promoter of concerts.

Host of a radio trivia program.

Manager of musicians.

Writer of speeches.

Maitre' d in a fancy restaurant in New York City.

Creator of ads, commercials, billboards, and brochures, including:

Writer of laxative jingles.

Promoter of a hot dog stand near Times Square.

Director of videos.

Tour guide of New York City

(on foot, bus, boat, and limo).

Visitor of schools and festivals where Mark tells a bunch of funny stories but somehow people learn stuff.


Book packager.





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