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Absolutely true facts
about Mark Shulman's
about writing roadshow


Here's how my books and I stacked up ​
in a recent school 
author visit surveys. 

Do the author's books reach every student,
at every level, PreK-8?

  • A wide range of books for every student, from K-12

  • Age-appropriate presentations tailored to every grade

  • Books that reach readers at every proficiency level

Are the author’s books familiar and
popular with students?

  • High-quality books from leading publishers

  • Diverse, entertaining, alluring, and subversively educational

  • Nonfiction that grabs their attention and encourages imitation

  • Picture books that support a love of story, words, and reading

  • Middle school fiction that has fostered school-wide discussions

  • Fun books to read aloud

Can teachers & librarians use the author’s
for in-depth study? Yes

  • Engaging books to study, discuss, dissect, and create with

  • Stories that foster a love of words and wordplay

  • Topics and themes that inspire writing and art projects

  • Fun books to read aloud

Will the author’s presentations offer practical,
memorable tips young writers can use? 

  • Professional presentation skills that hold your kids’ attention

  • Content is tailored to support the school’s population & teaching

  • A unending focus on your students already being writers

  • Fun, interactive demonstrations of the writer’s most common tools
    (and makes them seem obvious)

  • Humor that makes the writing advice memorable

  • Fun books to read aloud

Is the author a skilled presenter who can catch,
keep, and focus kids' attention? 

  • A child-centered, kid-approved approach… time-tested over many school visits

  • The methods of an advertiser, the patter of a tour guide, the crowd control of a camp counselor, the compassion of a parent

  • An infectious love of books and writing

  • A fun reader of books

Is the author highly recommended by many

schools like yours? Yes

  • Click here to read a few of my recommendation letters

  • Contact information provided on request



Is it practical and affordable to bring the author
to your school? 

  • Registered across New York State's BOCES for reimbursement

  • Reasonable costs and minimal travel expenses from NYC

  • Simplified process for getting fun-to-read autographed books into students’ hands.

                                                                         -- Mark Shulman 




“All of the Above”?
Since 2000, I've  brought my popular writing roadshow to hundreds of schools. Now I need to focus on reaching schools closer to home.
Before publishing 150+ books, I was an advertising creative guy, a New York City tour guide, an NPR radio station host, and a camp counselor. Then he married an elementary school literacy specialist and turned to books. He’s a humorist. He’s a dad. He really gets kids, and they really get him. Plus, his books are like catnip to kids.
He’s published with the best 
Mark’s books are remarkably diverse and fun. His popular nonfiction includes National Geographic (Are You Normal), Time for Kids (both Big Book of Why), Discovery Channel (Shark Week!), and DK. His picture books are with Chronicle (Mom and Dad are Palindromes), Simon & Schuster (Super Oscar (de la Hoya)), and more. He’s published Scrawl, a bully’s journal, with the esteemed Neal Porter at Roaring Brook. (It’s an ALA Best Book, a NYPL summer reading selection, and the subject of many school-wide reads.)

He comes very highly recommended by the many schools he’s visited. 

And he loves autographing books with creative flourishes.

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