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When you want just a bit less of me,

Skype me.


I've been asked by schools to do Skype visits as well. Sometimes a school hasn't got the time or the resources for a full author visit. 


On the one hand, I'll miss you. But on the other hand, Skype technology is a miracle, and the chance for me to be in two places at once really works, especially when I've got to get the groceries for dinner tonight. 


Skype allows me to see your faces, and best of all, you see mine! Students can show me work, and I can show them around my work studio, or a book in progress. Best of all, I can answer their questions in real time, interface to interface.


Just click here  or on the yellow button below, and let's talk about setting up

a virtual visit for any age students. We'll work in advance and find the best way to schedule an event that your school population will remember. 


                                                                                -- Mark Shulman



Now that we've replaced 
dial-up connections and those annoying CDs that came in the mail every week promising us 1048 free hours of AOL,
we can have a private videoconference straight out of a Science Fiction movie.
Computers are phenomenal,
except for spell checkers and GPS and Wikipedia.
You see. I used to be a spelling champ and a map expert and win trivia contests.
I'm too young to be obsolete.
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