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Learning and using Secret Hiding Places isn't all fun and games. It's knowledge that comes with a big responsibility.

And for once, we're not kidding.

These are the 12 laws of hiding stuff.

                  Read them. Learn them. Live by them. 

The Law of Leave it Alone

Hide it once, hide it well, and fight the urge to go back. Attracting too much attention will leave clues and give away the game. Out of sight, out of mind.

The Law of Fewer Footprints
Your hiding places shouldn’t be busy places. Pick areas that people don’t use all the time or places where they won’t usually stop. Hiding places often get discovered on cleaning day.

The Law of Ignore Me
Make sure the area around your hiding place looks normal and boring. And don’t make your vault too tricky or complex. Cleverness sometimes backfires, while simple places get ignored.

The Law of Wise Planning
Before you hide it, know how often you’ll want it. Some tricky hiding places are better for the long-term. Also have a few quick places ready for instant access.

The Law of Mix-It-Up 
Don’t use only one kind of hiding place. People who do are easy to figure out. Also be sure to switch places around now and then, just to be safe.

The Law of Open Eyes
New hiding places spring up all the time. Stay on the lookout, then move quickly and quietly. Scout the place a bit first. Make sure no one’s focused on it, and that it isn’t about to be sold, moved, or trashed.

The Law of Playing Safe
Too many hiding places at once are harder to manage. They’re

also easier for others to find. Keep it under control.

The Law of Treasure Island
Make coded treasure maps and update them when you need to. Make your code easy to remember and use. Keep your maps in special map hiding places.

The Law of Secrets

Try to avoid telling other people about your secret hiding places. You may feel clever, but once the secret is out, you can’t get it back. If you do show off your places, only show a few of them.

The Law of Nature
Food goes bad quickly. Avoid hiding anything except hard candy, like lollipops. Even then, think about the awful things heat and time can do to food. Make only one hiding place for that candy, and keep it current.

The Law of Fair Play
Use your new powers for good. Don’t hide other people’s things from them. There’s honor among hiders.

The Master Law
Never hide anything that will get you into trouble. Stay away from dangerous and stupid things. It’s not fun to get hurt, or to hurt other people. You know you’ll get caught – and punished. Why mess up your life when you’re just a kid? Be smart. Hiding is really about creative thinking, making things, and having fun.

Now go have fun!

Memorize This: The Twelve Laws

of Hiding Stuff

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