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This web site is just a tantalizing taste of the zillion secret hiding places packed into the book "Super Secret Hiding Places" by Mark Shulman. 

And it's even tantalizinger if you don't have the secret passwords that get you into the free online hiding places, too.

If you can't find this life-changing book in a Scholastic Book Club flyer, a store, or a military propaganda depot,  it can be yours for under $8, direct from Scholastic .

CLICK HERE to buy this book from Scholastic. 


Why is Super Secret Hiding Places a runaway hit? Because it's the only book that shows you how to hide it, when to get it, and what to avoid.

And it's not even $8.00!!! It's only $7.99!

This is, quite honestly, the best book ever written. Don't believe us? The first edition of this book got tons of FIVE-STAR REVIEWS. Here are a few of them:

 5 stars
By Violet G 

Secret Hiding Places for Clever kids is a book by Mark Shulman. He writes books for children and adults. This book is small so you can hide it in your cds and it looks like another cd. The writer tells you about the ways you can look arund your house and see secret hiding places. You can read about making a box with a secret bottom. You can read about passing notes to your freinds in school. You can read about how to keep your brother or your sister away from your diary or your favorite toys. You can read about making a map and keeping all your hidden stuff oganized. You can read about hiding the book in all your cds so nobody can find it. You can read about the secret hiding web site that is lots of fun too. I really like the book. I think you will too. You will like reading and learning about secret hiding places. You will feel like a clever kid even if your old! I will give it five stars on Thank you. Violet G.

5 stars

What is it about this book?
By Jefferson Browning

My middle school students have started a cult around this little book. Notes started popping up everywhere. At first my response was typical adult frustration. Then I read this little book and I'm converted. Yes, the author gives students all sorts of ideas they wouldn't have had themselves. But he's responsible about it, and funny to boot. It's the rare how-to book that gets me to laugh out loud. There's a cleverness and a freshness I genuinely enjoy. The rule in our classroom now is that found notes get confiscated and read out loud. Next, we'll have to see about the contraptions they're all building in their lockers. Can I recommend this book? Absolutely. Kids will be kids; at least this little spy manual comes with reasonable, and clear, guidelines.

5 stars


What kid wouldn't want this book?
By Mitch Kendrick

This guy thought of everything! Forget the great hiding places. Never mind the intricate thoughts about passing notes (I'm glad I wasn't this guy's teacher). It isn't even the vaults you make that look so natural. It's the writing. It's a funny book. He has a dry sense of humour and a quick way with words. The writer knows kids. And his web site is pretty funny too. Even the legal notices! I can't wait for the next book.

5 stars

All of my friends just love this book
By Gail McMasters

So I saw this great little book and I had to see what it was about, right? It's called Secret hiding places for clever kids and it's so small and cute and funny. So this book has got so many really fun really smart little ideas and so I show it to my friends and the next thing we're all passing messages and nobody knows what we're about, right? This book is so funny! So we get making these totally smart little hideaways in our lockers and we're completely laughing all the time. It's way fun. And at home I'm like keeping my journal and my letters totally safe from some people, know what I mean? I think everybody in my group needs this book, but I want to keep all these hiding places to my self! Try that!

5 stars

Really good. REALLY really good

By A Kid

I have a sister who can't keep her hands off my things. I have really tried hard to be nice but my parents think I'm picking on her if I complain because she is smaller. So when I saw this in the book store I figured it had to be for me. I am so glad I found this book. It is filled with great ideas about hiding what you own and about making great projects too. You will be able to turn any little place into a secret hide out. I wish there was a part about how to hide myself in a game or when my dad is calling me but I guess the writer doesn't know my house anyway! The book even has a great idea by making itself invisible if you use the pretend names of CDS and tape them on the side of the book. That way no one will know if you have a book or a CD on the shelf. This book is really, really, really good.

5 stars

Probably the best book ever
By Harlan Jenkins

I mean it, how many books tell you how to hide things room to room, and outdoors, and at school? And it has a whole chapter for passing notes in class! And it has all kinds of projects you can do yourself! And I tested them and they really work! And it has a website [...]! And there are extra hiding places on the website! And its only five dollars! That is the best deal in the world! And I can't wait for the next book to come out! I love it!

5 stars

This is my hiding place

This one is great for passing notes.

At school do you have those pens where you can take off the top and put more ink in. You're in luck. Just open the pen(you should do this at home, you really need to work hard with some pens). Then at school take a sticky note and right what ever you want your note to be. Then roll the note around the ink thing (make sure it stays on or else your note will be stuck) and close the pen.put the pen back together.
Then "accidentally" drop your pen so that it rolls towards your friend. This is a proven note passing system. It also works if you want to store something. Be creative, there are a lot of pens that have a lot of extra space.

This is the kind of idea that I got when I read Secret Hiding Places by Mark Shulman....


5 stars

Great Book If You Have Many Things To Keep Secret

"Secret Hiding Places (for clever kids)" is a great book if you have many things you wish to hide. It teaches you to prepare and make many hiding places like the classic "Hollow Book" in an easy to understand way. It even comes with a website that shows many other hiding places that are not in the book (password protected) along with information about the book and many different websites to get the book.


5 stars

The best book!
A Kid's Review

I made the secret hiding spot under my drawer and no one ever found it one time my mom was putting my close away and she didnt even notice and I made the Hanger upper with an old pair of blue jeans. I bought this book because my big brother is aleays snooping around looking for my journal. I think this
is truley the best book ever written!

5 stars

Great book for kids
By A 12-year old reader 

I really liked reading this book. It is great to ward off older brothers and sisters and is a must have for any younger siblings looking to hide their valuables from anyone. This is a great book.!!!!!!!!!!


Wait a minute: How'd you get here if you don't have the book? Get one today!

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