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Here are some pretty amazing reviews of my books


The illustrations are handsome and the

jokes build nicely. -- The New York Times


(There's more on Palindromes below,

but the Times goes first.)



A fun new book by Mark Shulman... The real point of the questions (and of the book) is to show that nobody is perfectly normal or perfectly weird. -- The Washington Post




Scrawl is the rare novel written from the bully's point of view. It's useful to point out that much can hide under a hardened exterior.

--The Los Angeles Times


There's something special about this book,

it's all put together so pleasingly, with punch and wit and smarts, and in such a way

that the events and characters stay with you.

-- Publishers Weekly


A memorable debut. --Kirkus Reviews


With the potential to occupy the rarified air of titles like S.E. Hintons The Outsiders and Chris Crutchers Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes,

Scrawl paints the stereotypical school bully

in a different, poignant light. --VOYA


Readers seeking an unflinching look at

high-school politics from the perspective of

the disenfranchised will find in Tod an

illuminating guide. --BCCB


"Tod has a real way with words (the way he crashes, then dominates the spelling bee is priceless). Shulman establishes a nice voice for him, as Tod rips jokes so dry they can float away and shows some real heart dealing with his less-than-desirable lot in life An unusual sort of bully redemption story." --Booklist


"In a unique version of a story told in

journal format, the writing Tod does in detention becomes this book Through his own words, the reader grows to love this hard-edged character Tods voice is natural and consistent. Shulman captures the viewpoint of a believable eighth-grader, while conveying Tods maturity and sharp sense of humor. Tods back story is seamlessly woven into his narrative. This book will engage a wide audience, but it will appeal most strongly to junior high school boys, particularly those who may be bored by schoolwork or have trouble finding books that interest them." --Childrens Literature


"This is a different take on the bully story. It lets the readers inside the mind of a bully and see the reasoning for his actions. The story is true to life, funny, and shows that people who are seen as troublemakers can change Highly recommended." --Library Media Connection




What a great book for aspiring filmmakers!



A good choice ... that wont become dated

too quickly. -- School Library Journal


The layout makes good use of color boxes, tips on every page, and comic-style illustrations with a multiethnic cast of two boys and two girls. Young Spielbergs and Sofia Coppolas will probably mine useful nuggets. -- Booklist


Throughout, theres an understanding of the kind of limitations young filmmakers face, especially the financial (there are even suggestions on how to make films without a videocamera), but also the experiential, and the generous helpings of advice will bolster novices morale as well as provide them with helpful guidelines and creativity-prompting excercises ... Kids stuck taking endless videos of their pets while yearning to set their inner Scorsese free will find this just the boost they need to get into the lights, camera, and action. -- The Bulletin of the Center for Childrens Books


... the book stands out for a number of reasons, particularly the authors ability to walk that fine line between making filmmaking seem cool to young readers while at the same time dispensing the kind of practical technical advice they need ... Readers will benefit by the outstanding organization of the text ... while at the same time enjoying the high-energy prose and lively illustrations. Adults will value the books underlying can-do theme ... Quill & Quire


A must-have for the budding director ... this fun, accessible guide explores every stage of video production, including conceiving an idea, scriptwriting, special effects and editing.

-- Todays Parent


An extremely informative and humorous text that captivates the imagination ... an excellent resource. -- Resource Links



The illustrations are handsome and the

jokes build nicely. -- The New York Times


(It bears repeating.)


Retro art, inventive, typography, and

antic wordplay mix in this bright offering

...don't miss this wow of a detour .

-- Kirkus Reviews


Here is word play galore to inspire

young readers. -- Children's Literature


The author’s nonstop sense of fun and the illustrator’s upbeat, comic style breathe energy and interest into an unlikely topic.

--CCBC Choices


This is lots of fun to read aloud. Recommended. -- Library Media Connection



This fantasy infuses a rhyming text and appealing artwork with plenty of

monkey business... this will have many children yearning for just such an excursion.

-- Booklist


The descriptive details of the garage, both in words and illustrations, will make this a favorite for repeat readings ... Young fans will surely be waiting for another visit to the Gorilla Garage. Recommended. -- Library Media Connection



Shulman's daffy tale of a boy and his robot pal off on a quest for ...misadventures. ..Even confirmed dog-lovers, human or otherwise, will undoubtedly agree [that this is the finest

out-of-print book in the English language -- ed.]

--Kirkus Reviews


Editor's emergency report:

There are a lot of books to clip reviews from. Well be back soon.

Ann and Nan are Anagrams

is named a Bank Street College

Best Picture Book 


Scrawl is named to the list of

Best Fiction for Young Adults

by the American Library Association.


Scrawl is also named an

ALA Quickpicks choice

for reluctant readers.


Super Oscar is named

best bilingual picture book of the year

by the Latino Book Awards.


Mom and Dad are Palindromes:

* Best Children's Picture Books,

San Francisco Chronicle

* Publishers Weekly, starred review

* Book Sense Children's Picks

* CCBC Choices 2007

* Parents' Choice Awards

* 3x3 Childrens Book Award


Attack of the Killer Video Book:

* The Years Best List, Resource Links

* YA Top Forty Titles, Pennsylvania School Librarians Assoc.

* Our Choice List, Canadian

Childrens Book Centre


Scrawl has found its way onto the state book lists of Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Kansas, Oklahoma,

New Jersey, New Hampshire,

and a few other states.


Scrawl is a Junior Library Guild

main selection, and

a Cybils Award finalist

and a breath mint.


Scrawl is on many, many reading lists, including VOYA, the New York Public Library, 


There's a lot more.

I figured this is enough for

one website.  I don't want to

embarrass myself.

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