Books that aren't set in my high school

Middle school and high school were one and the same when I was a kid. I spent grades 7-12 in a medium-security cement bunker with windows that barely opened, with students who were 20 or 21 and had kids of their own.


I didn't spend time there, I did time.


The students I meet love these stories. It makes their own school feel like the garden spot of their  whole state.


Then I tell the story about sitting in the front seat without seat belts.


But enough about me. Clearly, I survived with enough skills to write this eclectic collection of fiction and nonfiction. The teenager in me knows exactly what kind of books are interesting to read.


They're the ones that were

the most fun to write.

I love to share

how easy it is

to make writing fun. 


When you write something fun, aren't you excited to share it? 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

 For middle school

and high school